Made in only 7 days for the Cyberpunk Jam 2019

Theme: Cyberpunk
23th place


You are trying to hack the servers of Big Corp. Ltd. Their server core is at the end of a well protected data highway.
You must send enough viruses to destroy the server core at the end. But be careful, the more viruses you send, the more defense systems Big Corp. Ltd will install!

Click the "Plan new attack" Button to buy new viruses, adjust their order and send them on their way to attack the server core in the middle.


KeyloggerExploitPacket SnifferDDosBrute ForceWorm
Your main source of income. Generates money while alive but has almost no HP and does no damage to the server.The most basic of your utilities.
Doesn't do anything but deals a good amount of damage if it reaches the server.
Reads all the packages flying around and uses the information to boost the HP of all Viruses in reach. Does a little less damage to the server.Regularly sends Denial of Service attacks to all Defenses in reach, disabling them for some time. Does a little less damage to the server.Best used along high damage and low HP viruses. It has so many HP, that it always gets targeted first. Does very little damage to the server.The most advanced of your Viruses. Creates a clone of himself every now and then.
Does very little damage to the server by himself.
Clones do a significantly high amount of damage.


Anti-MalwareFirewallAnti-VirusAccess Control
Targets and attacks first virus in reach. Slows down all viruses around it.
Occasionally does area damage too all viruses in reach.
Blocks the path and prevents viruses from advancing, while active.
Your main target, the Big Corp. Ltd server. It attacks the nearest two viruses and can be attacked by viruses. If the server dies, you win!


Audio Insurgency

Crazy Sunshine

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Release date May 31, 2019
AuthorPositive Zero
Made withGodot
TagsAtmospheric, Cyberpunk, Pixel Art, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few seconds


Download 17 MB
Download 16 MB


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I cant play it it just says error

I don't see the "plan new attack" button to start a new game. 

but good music